Norfolk Women’s Fund

*Currently closed for applications*


The Fund is available for charitable organisations that are supporting women’s personal and economic empowerment in Norfolk.   Grants of between £500 – £2,500 will be available.

By economic empowerment we mean activities that will help women to develop skills that will help them to gain or improve employment opportunities. These can be generic or specific to a particular job or career path.

By personal empowerment we mean activities that will help women to overcome the barriers they face in taking a full and active part in their communities and in the labour market.

Who can apply
Charitable, community and voluntary groups based or clearly operating in Norfolk can apply. This includes Churches/ PCCs and Parish Councils where the project is clearly community focused and inclusive.

Please refer to our FAQs for specific guidance on the types of organisation/ project that are eligible to apply. Please note the specific guidance in the FAQs for Social Enterprises/ CICs.

Schools are not eligible to apply.

Applicant organisations do not have to be only working with women but the funded project should be only for women or girls.

We will fund projects where the applicant organisation can demonstrate how the activities improve on other provision and support the specific needs of women and girls.

We will fund projects which are:
• Specifically for women and girls
• Targeted at specific groups of women and girls such as from particular ethnic origins or with a disability

Projects can cover a range of activities including:

• Skills and learning
• Employability and job search
• Business start-up and development
• Assisting women to access better quality employment
• Assisting women to access higher level employment
• Career and life planning
• Childcare and dependent care to enable participation in activities
• New and unproven approaches (where the work will be evaluated)
• Continuation of existing projects (where there is evidence that they are effective)

We will not fund:
• Projects that cannot demonstrate understanding of the barriers faced by women and girls
• Projects where the beneficiaries are outside Norfolk
• Applications from individuals

When to apply
Deadlines will be published here when the Fund is open.

How to apply
Norfolk Community Foundation has launched a new way to apply online, which enables applicants to complete more of the process entirely online if they wish. If you have any problems at all using the new system please contact the Grants Team for support.

If you are using an old version of eg. Internet Explorer you may find it helpful to download a copy of Google Chrome to ensure you have the best experience – this browser is free to download here

Independent reference: Please note: we no longer require applicants to provide an independent reference with every application. Instead you will be asked to provide contact details for a referee within the online application form and we will contact the referee where we feel this will be helpful. Please see our FAQs for guidance on choosing an independent referee.

Making an online application:

Step 1 – Complete the online application form by clicking on the link below. The new form enables you to upload various pieces of supporting information to complete your application. You can still send some or all of your supporting information separately by email or by post if you wish.

Step 2 – Ensure that Norfolk Community Foundation receives your online form, and all supporting information, by the deadline date.

Click here to begin an online application

For Fund enquiries please contact the Grants Team by email or tel 01603 623958



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