Wednesday 25th Jun, 2014

EDP Flood Appeal round up

Following the biggest tidal surge in 60 years, the East Anglian floods in December 2013 left individuals and businesses in Norfolk and parts of Suffolk devastated by the damage caused.

Within 24 hours, the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) had partnered with Norfolk Community Foundation to launch the EDP Norfolk and Lowestoft Flood Appeal. The campaign raised over £300,000 and the Foundation made over 250 grants to businesses and individuals who needed support.

In terms of delivering the funding, Council officers in the affected areas assess applications and refer applications to the Foundation for emergency support. Donations have helped individuals, community groups and charities with clean-up costs, emergency repairs, clothing, food and drink, heating equipment, cookers, kettles, beds, bedding and basic furniture.

The success of the appeal highlights the power of collective giving and how communities came together in a time of crisis to support those in need. It also demonstrates the strength of partnership working, bringing together different agencies to achieve a shared aim. It brought together the local media, local councils, businesses and individuals across Norfolk as well as attracting interest and support from around the UK.

The appeal left a legacy which went beyond the crisis itself and prompted a national debate which includes Prime Minister, David Cameron, around the future of flood defences in Britain.

Foundation chief executive, Graham Tuttle said, “I think the appeal has been absolutely integral because a lot of people did not have insurance and a lot of people who did have it, are having to pay a lot of excess. Having the fund meant people had one less thing to worry about and they also had a source of funding that they would not normally have had.

“It is a nice statement of the community and Norfolk working well together.”