Charity Commission acknowledgement

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The Charity Commission is now actively acknowledging community foundations across the UK, as an alternative to establishing a charitable trust and encouraging those thinking of setting up a fund or those who need to find new solutions to managing existing funds or trusts to join forces with their local community foundation. 

They recognise that we have a reputation for effective management of funds to really maximise their impact at local level. 

We know there are many around the county involved with managing charitable trusts who find there are challenges involved which could be easily overcome with our help.  They may struggle with administration, have difficulty finding trustees or even identifying potential beneficiaries to support.   There could be a number of reasons why they are faced with challenges not foreseen when funds were originally set up. 

A large part of our work in the next year will be in supporting those managing new or old trusts, and working with a range of professional advisors to ensure that we can do exactly what the Charity Commission say we do, maximise the impact to our communities. 

To find out more, please read the Charity Commission statement.