The Philanthropy Fellowship

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The Philanthropy Fellowship East is led by Norfolk Community Foundation on behalf of UKCF (UK Community Foundations) East which comprises the Bedfordshire and Luton, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk Community Foundations.

Our Vision

We seek to ensure that donors:

  • Have a tailored and unique experience
  • Have a journey of discovery and the opportunity to make a difference
  • Have the opportunity to learn about the issues and needs of their county and their region through annual lectures, themed events and ‘seeing is believing’ visits
  • Have the opportunity to collaborate intellectually and financially with other donors
  • Have the opportunity to network with like- minded individuals
  • Have the opportunity to engage and influence the national agenda

The aim of The Philanthropy Fellowship East is to provide a lasting legacy for our Philanthropy Fellows, the Community Foundations and most importantly the communities they serve. The Fellowship will also create much needed ‘Ambassadors’ for the work of Community Foundations and their communities.

UKCF East is committed to utilising the opportunities which exist under the Community First Endowment Match Funding Challenge to leverage the endowment funds committed via The Philanthropy Fellowship.

For more information please visit the dedicated Philanthropy Fellowship East website.
If you would like to discuss The Philanthropy Fellowship East please email Graham Tuttle or call on 01603 623958.