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Financial Assistance Scheme


A wide range of activities can be funded through revenue and capital grants, and need to meet at least one of the following outcomes:
  • Improved understanding of different people and cultures in our local community
    For example, reminiscence and oral history projects, local history exhibitions, parish surveys, projects to bring together different cultures or generations.
  • Increased involvement from people who face barriers to participation in community life
    For example, involving people in learning activities, integrated sports activities for disabled and non-disabled people, school holiday activities for families on low income, activities in rural areas where access to public transport is limited.
  • Greater use of community buildings or outdoor community spaces particularly in rural areas
    For example, refurbishing buildings to support new activities, equipment for village film clubs/ luncheon clubs/ drama clubs etc., children’s play areas, multi-use games areas, wildlife/ community gardens, environmental improvements.
  • Healthier and safer lifestyles for the whole community
    For example, promoting healthier eating, running self help groups, sports projects, walking and cycling projects and well-being classes
  • Increased participation in arts and cultural activities which are accessible to the whole community
    For example, developing music skills, events that attract new audiences, taster sessions to introduce people to the arts, using new venues, community theatre or music productions.
Who can apply:
Funding is available to charities, and constituted voluntary and community groups. Town/ parish Councils may apply for non-statutory activities
Statutory organisations (eg. schools), social enterprises and community interest companies are not eligible for grants. Please refer to the Norfolk Community Foundation grants policy for further guidance on eligibility or contact the Grants Team on 01603 623958. 
Revenue grants:
Revenue grants can cover running costs and activity/ operational costs. Due to limited budgets most revenue grants are likely to be £500-£1,000. However in some cases they can be higher. If you request a higher sum, please be aware that the actual grant awarded may be lower than your request, so please consider how you may be able to raise or contribute funds from other sources. 
Capital grants:
Capital grants can cover equipment, building, and refurbishment costs. Grants up to 1/3 of costs up to a maximum grant of £15,000 are available. For example, if your total costs are £45,000 or more you can apply for a grant of £15,000. However, if your total costs were only £30,000, the maximum you could apply for would be £10,000. Your application will need to show how the remainder of your costs will be raised. All capital projects need to adhere to the relevant Building Regulations and Planning Requirements.
Please note: Capital applications for £1,000 or less, may, at the discretion of the panel, be 100% funded without the need for matched funding from other organisations. However the panel would normally expect the applicant to make a capital contribution.
Grants will not cover VAT costs where organisations are registered to claim this expenditure back.   Grants will not be awarded retrospectively for expenditure already undertaken. Please ensure you apply to the appropriate deadline to ensure funds will be released before your project/ activity begins (see ‘Deadlines’ below for guidance).  
Please note: Applications are not expected to request funds for a mix of revenue and capital funds. 
How to apply:
Applicants to the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk’s Financial Assistance Scheme (revenue and capital programmes) will need to complete the standard application form plus additional questions specific to the Borough Council scheme. 

Applications forms:
Applicants MUST complete the NCF Application process and the additional questions form to apply to this fund - these can be downloaded by clicking on the links.

Additional enclosures to those stated on the standard application form are also required: be completed to apply for this fund
  • 3 months of bank statements. These should be recent, and from consecutive months. 
  • 2 years of annual accounts. These should be recent, and from consecutive years.
  • 3 quotes for either the complete project, or each element of work or item of equipment, clearly stating which one you wish to take up. This need not be the cheapest, however if it is significantly more than other costings supplied you will be asked to explain your reasons for choosing it. If it is not possible to supply three quotes, for example for supply of specialist item, please note this in a covering letter. 
Please do not send originals as these will not be returned. 
Please note: Applicants can make one revenue and one capital grant application per financial year (April-March) but should not expect to be successful every year. 
Revenue and Capital grants deadlines:
The fund is expected to re-open in April 2013, and deadlines will be published here as soon as they are confirmed.  Please ensure your application is submitted in full (with all supporting documents required) by the stated deadline.  
Grants will be paid in advance, by BACS. Please do not undertake any expenditure related to your grant application until you have received any funds awarded to you by the panel. 

For Fund enquiries please contact Jenny Bevan, Grants Manager by email or Tel 01603 623958