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About the Fund

The Norfolk County Council Community Construction Fund has been created to enable communities across Norfolk to bring to life building projects that will make a real difference to local life. Now in its second application round, over £1 million is still available from the original pot of £3.5 million.

The aim of the fund is to help get a wide range of construction schemes off the ground – things like improvements to indoor and outdoor community facilities; village hall extensions; sports facilities; nature, animal or wildlife attractions; community gardens; scouting or guide huts; outside gyms; play areas, and improved  access for disabled or older people.

The fund will assist the County Council in delivering two important aspects of its core role - to invest in Norfolk’s economic infrastructure and enable communities to help themselves. The fund has been financed through the Council’s better, smarter working, which has made it possible to reinvest resources where they matter most - in Norfolk’s local economy, local communities and social infrastructure.
The Fund is administered on behalf of Norfolk County Council by Norfolk Community Foundation.

Who can apply?

You need to be a formally constituted body based in Norfolk to apply to the fund. This includes organisations such as town and parish councils, district councils, charities, constituted voluntary and community groups, neighbourhood boards and sports clubs. Churches, schools and other similar bodies may also apply, if they wish to use the funding for wider community use.
You will need to provide documentation to confirm the status of your organisation. Please refer to the checklist which forms part of the application form, or contact the Grants Team for advice (details below).

All applications will need to be able to evidence the support of their local County Councillor, who will act as 'sponsor' for the bid.  This should take the form of a brief written statement or reference to accompany the application. 
What sort of building projects can the Construction Fund support?

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that projects:
  • Are construction or building-related
  • Will benefit the local community or residents of/ visitors to Norfolk
  • Have all of the necessary planning permissions in place at the time of applying (or able to evidence that planning permission is not required)
  • Can evidence all estimated costs with contractors quotes
  • Can be taken forward in a timely way with no delays
  • Can evidence consultation with and the support of the local community
  • Have the support of the County Councillor for the area
  • Have plans in place for long term maintenance, insurance and sustainability
Particular consideration will be given to projects that:
  • Will help the local economy by employing small business in Norfolk and local workers or contractors, wherever possible
  • Might generate further funding support from other areas – such as lottery or match funding.
What the Construction Fund cannot support
  • Building or construction work benefiting people outside of Norfolk
  • Building or construction work that does not provide for the widest community use
  • Costs of work that has already taken place or already been incurred
  • Purchasing of equipment (e.g. play or sports equipment) where there is no building or groundwork required
  • Building or construction work on leased land/property, where the lease will expire within 5 years for grants up to £50,000, or within 10 years for grants over £50,000. The applicant should be the body that owns or has the long leasehold interest in the property concerned.
  • Building or construction that will not be accessible for disabled people
  • Conservation/restoration works which should be undertaken as part of an organisation’s core role
  • Routine repairs to roads or footways that are the responsibility of a statutory agency
  • Feasibility studies
  • Private domestic building works, housing (including social housing) or industrial development
  • Building or construction work intended for political use or commercial purposes
In exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to applications that are unable to meet all the funding criteria but can evidence a major benefit for Norfolk and provision for wide community use. In all cases, the decision of the funding panel is final. Contact the Norfolk Community Foundation Grants Team (details below) for further information.

How much can I apply for?
Grants from £100 up to £100,000 are available, to be spent within 12 months of the award. 

Applications for grants in excess of £10,000 will need to provide substantial evidence (e.g. offers of support, grant approval letters) of the total funding package and a substantiated and viable business case, clearly demonstrating the benefits of the project.

Grants will be paid by BACS, or by cheque.


A cross-party panel of Norfolk County Councillors will consider all funding applications. 
When can I apply?

The fund is currently closed for applications, and details of any future deadlines will be advertised here in due course. 

How to apply

Application is via our Standard online application form.
Click here to visit the application pack.  Please note the online application is a 2-part process - both parts plus all relevant supporting information must be submitted by 5pm on the deadline date.

What reporting is required?
Successful applicants will be required to provide a brief update at regular intervals after the grant payment is made, to review progress and discuss any possible changes and developments to funded activities.

At the end of the funded period an End of Grant Report will be required which will need to give evidence of relevant expenditure, including receipts for capital items, as well as a detailed report on activity against the grant outcomes agreed at the time of the grant award.

If you would like to discuss your project before applying or have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the Grants Team on 01603 623958 or via